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PSVR 2 – Developer accidentally confirms new VR glasses for PS5

A developer was so happy about his new project that he accidentally revealed that a new pair of PlayStation VR glasses for the PS5 would be released. This message has been spread all over the net, for example at and

Sometimes the joy just goes with you. This also happened to a developer of the studio Chicken Waffle, who was so excited about his new VR project, that he immediately revealed in a Facebook posting that it would be a game for the PSVR2 – which has not yet been announced.

Although rumors have already spread about after a corresponding patent had been dug up. The “new” PSVR is to be equipped with two front cameras and a rear camera and possibly support the so-called Transparent View. This means that the cameras create the impression that the glasses are transparent.

Backward compatibility or new device?

As exciting as these rumors sounded, it was initially certain that no new glasses would appear in the near future. After all, it was only just announced that is to ensure that the VR glasses of the current console generation are also connected to the new generation.

Why then another pair of glasses? However, a Facebook posting by a developer could now point to a general overhaul of the old model.

The joyful posting

In his post he writes how happy he is to announce that Chicken Waffle (his studio) is working on a VR game for the PS5. So there is still no reason to pay attention. However, he adds the hashtag PSVR2 to his message. And that again shows very clearly that the current PlayStation VR will probably get a successor, as the patent suggests.

Now, of course, the question remains whether games developed for the PSVR2 will also run on the PSVR. If they are based on features like the Transparent View, this could prove to be difficult. We’ll keep you up to date.

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